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We have an opportunity for you!

Social trading can be extremely beneficial when it comes to trading in the financial markets. Experienced traders can earn additional income by having followers on our platform. In addition to their own benefits, they can receive a commission from followers who replicate their trades.

If you are a Good trader you can be part of our Social Trading and become a strategy provider, traders must go through a long and transparent review process before being activated for our clients.

What does our audit process look like?

Step 1: Technical feasibility and account authentication: Each candidate’s trading account will be monitored over a period of months by our audit team

Step 2: Meet the people behind the traders: A series of interviews are conducted with candidate traders to ensure that their background and trading experience is truly authentic.

Step 3: Stress testing and simulations We test the trader with demo accounts at our broker for a period of time before they can be considered active. The months we tracked allow us to see in real time how traders react to macroeconomic events and constantly changing markets. 

Step 4: Strategy Compatibility: We verify the compatibility of trading strategies with our platform and do necessary connection and testing before we put it online for all our clients. 

We verify the compatibility of the trading strategies with our platform.

We check how traders react to macroeconomic events and constantly changing markets.

There are many platforms on the market that don’t really represent clients, but offer dozens or even hundreds of traders to follow. Our proof is in the absolute list of expert traders that can be found on Social Trade

If you consider yourself an expert trader and want to prove your trading skills, contact us in to become a verified strategy provider for Bridge markets 

Are you an experienced trader with a proven track record? If so, you can become a strategy provider with Social Trade  Our innovative automated execution trading solution allows signals generated by you to be automatically duplicated into our clients’ accounts.

When you become a strategy provider for Social Trade, you will receive Exposure to thousands of clients worldwide.

Minimum Requirements:

MT5 live trading account with a minimum balance of $5.000.

At least three months of trading history.